Maridil Wurminex®

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Maridil Wurminex®

* To curb the colonization of intestinal parasites in the horse’s intestinal tract
* To lengthen the periods between chemical wormer cures
* For sensitive horses whose digestive tract is sensitive to chemical wormer treatments
* Suitable for pregnant and lactating mares as well as foals.

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Maridil Wurminex®

Herbal supplementary feed for horses for intestinal rehabilitation and support of a naturally hostile environment in the horse’s intestinal tract.

There are no worm-free horses, not even shortly after chemical worming.
That is why it is important to support a horse’s intestinal environment  to worms and its immune system.
This way, the number of intestinal parasites can be kept below the damage threshold.

In Wurminex condensed tannins and contained vermifuge herbal extracts can reduce the population of small strongyles; Subsequent feeding with Esparsette can keep the intestinal parasites below the damage threshold for a long period of time. 

In addition, Wurminex® and Esparsette support a healthy intestinal flora in the horse and its immune system.

Feeding guidelines

25-30 gr per 100 kg body weight, twice a day.

If only a daily dose is possible, double the amount to 50-60 gr per 100 kg body weight

Worminex can be fed alone or mixed with the food

It is important to give Wurminex  an intermittent feeding for at least 3 weeks.
Feeding Wurminex can be repeated several times a year


warm air dried esparcette/sainfoin, milk thistle seeds, herbal extracts of chamomile, wurmseeds (santonica), sweet gum, echinacea root, dandelion root, star flower, mugwort and tansy


Crude fiber 24%
Crude protein 15%
Crude ash 7.2%
Crude fat 2.9%
Sodium 40 mg / kg.


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