Pferdgerecht Futter Natur 15kg

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Pferdgerecht Futter Natur  Horse muesli as mother natur!

100% natural product with:

* pure natural vitamin, trace elements and minerals
* more than 60 different meadow herbs and grasses
* lots of healthy structure; rich in crude fiber
digestive stimulant blend of leaves and bark
* valuable secondary plant materials

* cold-pressed linseed oil

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Pferdgerecht Futter Natur  Horse muesli as mother natur!

Futter Natur is based on more than 60 different types of grasses and meadow herbs from the foothills of the Alps.
These grasses and herbs are gently dried in the warm air.
The natural content of vitamin A and the valuable crude fiber is retained.
Chewing activity is positively promoted in a natural way,

Other ingredients from the horse’s natural diet, such as a blend of foliage and bark, vitamin-rich wild berries, various tubers, marigold blossems and sunflowers seeds make this recipies complete.
The enclosed trace elements and minerals are purely natural.

Natural food for Horses, 100% natural product.


  • grains
  • chemical additives
  • molasses
  • synthetics
  • artificial flavors and additives
  • Low in protein and low in starch

Availeble in 15 kg packing

Feeding Guideline

Depending on breed, season, maintenance and performance:

Ponies    0,5 – 1,5kg per day,
Horses 1,0 – 2,5kg per day.

Always change the diet grandually so that the intestinal bacteria can get used to the new food.
Increase the amount in small steps per day and reduce the existing feed in the same proportion.
Futter Natur can be fed dry and soaked
You can also pour it over with warm water to create a mash.


meadow grasses and herbs, carrot, parsnip, beetroot, parsley, sunflower seeds, celery, rosehip, marigold, cold-pressed oil mixture (linseed and camelina), oak bark, willow bark





 Vert. Energie  Estimated ME  Verd. Energie 8.58 MJ
 Vert. ruw Eiwit  Est. crude Protein  Verd. Rohprotein  8.58 %
 Praec. vert. ruw Eiwit  Praec.est. crude Protein  Praec. verd. Rohprotein 4.50 %
 Ruw Eiwit  Crude Protein   Rohprotein  8.20  %
 Ruwe Olie & Vetten  Crude Oils & Fats   Rohöle und -fette  4.00  %
 Ruwe Vezels  Crude Fibre   Rohfaser  25.30  %
 Ruwe As  Crude Ash   Rohasche  8.10  %
 Zetmeel   Starch   Stärke  2.30  %
 Suiker  Sugar   Zucker  9.71  %
 Fruktaan  Fruktaan  Fruktan 6.01  %






 Calcium   Calcium   Calcium   0.52  %
 Fosfor  Phosphorus   Phosphor  0.26  %
 Magnesium  Magnesium   Magnesium  0.21 
 Natrium  Sodium   Natrium  0.03 
 Kalium  Potassium   Kalium  1.49   %
 Zwafel  Sulfur  Schwefel 1.50  %
 Koper  Copper   Kupfer  8.2  mg
 Zink  Zinc   Zink  29  mg
 IJzer   Iron   Eisen  675  mg
 Mangaan   Manganese   Mangan  123  mg
 Selenium  Selenium   Selen  <0.4 mg

Minerale waarden zijn totale waarden van het product, inclusief toegevoegde en van nature voorkomende mineralen uit granen, vezels en andere grondstoffen. 

Dergelijke materialen zijn van nature variabel en als zodanig kunnen de totale waarden enigszins variëren /

Mineral values are total values within the product including added and naturally occurring minerals from grains, fibres and other raw materials.
Such materials are naturally variable and as such total values may vary slightly /

Mineralwerte sind Gesamtwerte innerhalb des Produkts, einschließlich zugesetzter und natürlich vorkommender Mineralien aus Getreide, Fasern und anderen Rohstoffen.
Solche Materialien sind natürlich variabel und als solche können die Gesamtwerte geringfügig variieren


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