PolyPads Polar Rappa with ColdPak

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PolyPads Polar Rappa with ColdPak  Cooling bandages (set of 2 pieces )

* Easy to Use strapping
* Mallable Materials
* Easy to Wash

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PolyPads Polar Rappa with ColdPak Cooling bandages (set of 2 pieces )

A flexible and comfortable leg wrap suitable for use after exercise or injury.

The PolyPad Polar Rappa with Coldpak are

  • made with a durable polycotton outer and soft quilted inner with reusable and removable cool packs.
  • the ‘ultimate leg cooling therapy’.
  • designed to be comfortable and flexible, they are made up of two compartments.

The Rappa
The Rappa is a custom-designed leg wrap made with a polycotton outer and a quilted fibre core. The fibre core also features a cotton rich towel lining and an integral pocket for the ColdPak that has a hook and loop fastening running down the entire length of the Polar Rappa eliminating the need for straps.

The ColdPak
The ColdPak is a removable and reusable pack filled with nano-composite powder that remains malleable when frozen, allowing it to be moulded comfortably around the tendon. This makes it ideal for use after strenuous exercise or injury.

The ColdPak slots neatly into the pocket of the Polar Rappa making it an efficient and hygienic item that avoids any cold burns.

It stays clean inside the pocket and can be removed easily for re-freezing. 


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