Pony Hay Bar Pink Equine Feeders

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Pony Hay Bar Pink Feed as nature intended

* pony eats roughage in natural position
* less loss of roughage
* forage is distributed evenly throughout the day
* easy to fill and clean
* smart and safe design, made of durable polyethylene
* hay rack takes up limited corner space
* Pony Haybar is approx. 70 cm high

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ony Hay Bar Pink Equine Feeders FEED AS NATURE INTENDED
The best thing for your pony’s health is for it to eat roughage all day long

The problem:

How do I feed my horse or pony roughage AS NATURE INTENDED from the ground in a way, which is much easier for me and much healthier for my horse or pony?
The Hay Bar Equine Feeder solves this problem.

The Hay Bar


  • is made of HDPE, strong and durable polyethylene with a reinforced top edge
  • also aids digestion, as the hay is eaten more slowly
  • reduces forage loss as less hay is trampled and mixed with the stable litter
  • safer than a hay net or hay rack; a big advantage for mares, foals and yearlings in particular
  • also quick and easy to fill and clean.
  • is highly appreciated in the dressage world, as the natural position allows the neck muscles to develop better

Why is it so important to get your horse to eat from the ground?

  • This natural feeding position ensures that the jaw has the correct alignment
  • This correct alignment ensures even wear of the teeth and also helps with preventing dental problems.
  • The right position promotes breathing
  • A natural position also helps the back muscles and young animals develop correctly.
  • This feeding position prevents unsightly muscles from forming under the neck and also helps form a correct topline.
  • Horses in their natural environment are grazing animals and it is imperative that we mimic these conditions for the stable horse.

Dimensions mounted Pony Hay Bar:

  • distance corner wall to outer edge Pony Hay Bar is approx. 80 cm
  • the height at the wall incl. 4 cm free space under Hay Bar is 77.5 cm

The Hay Bar should be mounted 2.5 cm to 4 cm above the floor for drainage as well as to facilitate cleaning.

Have Hay Bar delivered or collected:

It cannot be shipped in combination with other products
It is shipped separately and the delivery time is 2 to max. 14 working days.

If you want to order several Hay Bars, we ask you to email us so we can give you the correct shipping costs.

Of course, it is also possible to collect the Hay Bar from us!


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