Agrobs Zink Pur

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Agrobs Zink Pur
Highly available trace elements for the targeted compensation of a zinc deficiency

* Free of grain and molasses
* Practical solution helping to balance a zinc deficiency

* Pure organic bounded zinc
* especially appropriate as cure during coat changing in spring and fall
* For skinn, coat and immune system
* The pellet form and the particulary tasty recipe make feeding nice and easy

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Agrobs Zink Pur 

Skin problems, such as mug, summer eczema, bad hooves, allergies, shedding problems or a weakened immune system, can be signs of zinc deficiency
Agrobs Zinc Pure presents a practical solution helping to balance a zinc deficiency.

Zinc Pure delivers high-availability organically bound of zinc for effective use in the body.
The specially selected composition including air-dried meadow grasses, herbs and linseed makes Zinc Pure particularly tasty, even for fussy horses.

Agrobs Zink Pur 

  • pure organically bound zinc which is easily absorbed by the horse’s body
  • ideal to use as a cure during the spring and autumn shedding season
  • supports the skin, coat, hooves and immune system
  • easy to feed and dose pellets
  • the composition with hot air-dried pasture grasses, herbs and linseed makes Zinc Pur particularly tasty and is also eagerly eaten by picky horses.
  • is grain-free and molasses-free

Areas of use

  • specifically for balancing a zinc deficiency
  • for skin, coat and hooves
  • to strengthen the immune system

Available in 800gr and 3kg

Feeding guideline

5 g per 100 kg body weight per day

Large horses: 30 g per day (600 kg body weight)
Small horses: 20 g per day (400 kg body weight)
(1 level measuring spoon = approximately 20g)


Prenatura-dried green fiber, linseed



Additives per kg

  Crude protein 8.8   %
  Crude oil and fatt  1,7   %
  Crude fibre 23.2   %
  Crude ash 9.3   %



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