Saracen Re-Leve Mix 20kg

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Saracen Re-Leve Mix grain-free, low-sugar, low-starch performance feed

  • Cereal and alfalfa free formulation
  • Long lasting blackcurrant flavour for high palatability
  • Probiotic yeast for optimum fibre digestion and maintenance of the hindgut
  • Full-spectrum of vitamins and chelated minerals for optimal health
  • Superior antioxidant protection through natural source vitamin E, selenium and vitamin C
  • Contains BMC® for normal gastrointestinal and bone health

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Saracen Re-Leve Mix grain-free, low-sugar, low-starch performance feed

Designed for:

  • Horses prone to gastric ulceration
  • Horses with muscular disorders
  • Completely replacing all hard feed and cereals
  • Horses that over-react to traditional cereal feed formulations, so require alternative energy sources
  • Horses of a nervous disposition, or a difficult temperament
  • Box rest feeding programmes after injuries or surgery

Features & Benefits:

  • Low starch (8%) and sugar (6%) levels with high oil values (9.0%)
  • Fat and fermentable fibre are the primary energy sources
  • BMC™ (Buffered Mineral Complex) for gastric health and bone development
  • Chelated minerals for improved absorption
  • Vistacell Live Yeast for increased nutrient digestibility
  • Natural Vitamin E for increased antioxidant support

Feeding guidelines

Per 100kg of bodyweight 1.2kg-1.45kg


Soya Hulls, Dried Sugar Beet Pulp, Pea Flakes, Soya Flakes, Molasses, Grass Pellet, Soya Oil, Sunflower Seed meal, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Maerl, Vitamins & Minerals, Mixture of flavouring compounds



Protein  13.0%
Lysine  0.79%
Methionine  0.19%
Fibre  18.5%
Oil  9.0%
Starch  8.0%
Sugar  6.0%
Digestible Energy  12.9 Mj/kg
Vitamin A  12100 iu/kg
Vitamin D  1200 iu/kg
Vitamin E  319 iu/kg
Vitamin E natural 61 mg/kg
Vitamin C  170 mg/kg
Vitamin B1 8.0 mg/kg
Vitamin B2  8.0 mg/kg
Vitamin B6  3.0 mg/kg
Vitamin B12  0.03 mg/kg
Folic Acid  3.0 mg/kg
Niacin  29 mg/kg
Pantothenic Acid  11 mg/kg
Biotin  0.3 mg/kg
Calcium  1.25 %
Phosphorus  0.50 %
Magnesium  0.35 %
Sodium  0.48 %
Chloride  0.80 %
Potassium  1.20 %
Iron  320 mg/kg
Iodine  0.44 mg/kg
Copper  44 mg/kg
Zinc  140 mg/kg
Manganese  61 mg/kg
Selenium  0.53 mg/kg



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