Simple System Equine Calcified Plus 20kg

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Simple Systems Equine Calcified Plus
Soil improver in granular form with calcium, trace elements and liquid seaweed

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Simple Systems Equine Calcified Plus 20kg
combines all the benefits of the natural sources of calcium, trace elements & liquid seaweed in one granule

  • Flocculates the clay particles
  • Adds trace elements
  • Stimulates the roots

Being a granule, it spreads more easily through spinners and is active more quickly in the soil.
Most fields need 5 bags per acre every other year, but check your pH first.

It can be applied at any time of year, when the grass is short and can be hand broadcast or spread with a standard fertiliser spinner.

Equine Calcified Plus is completely non-toxic so horses can go straight back on if needed, however for best results we suggest the paddock is rested until there has been some rainfall as this will ensure the product has penetrated the soil.


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