St. Hippolyt Equimall Forte 0.5ltr

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St. Hippolyt Equimall Forte

* Stimulates appetite and digestion
* Tasty and nourishing
* Promotes energy production in the muscles
* Without added sugar and carbonated

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St. Hippolyt Equimall Forte

Equimall forte is a concentrated liquid malt-yeast extract made from five different malts, fine herbs and lysed yeast. Known for centuries as a tonic with an appetising effect, malt can also have a supportive effect in horse nutrion and a beautiful appearance.

  • promotes appetite and digestion
  • promotes the production on energy in the muscle
  • tasty and nutritous
  • without added sugar and carbon dioxide




Crude protein 1.00%
Raw ash 5.00%
Total sugar 78.00%
Sodium 0.08%

Feeding guideline

Offer approx. 7-20 ml per 100 kg body weight and day mixed with crib feed, softened haycobs or Irish mash.


Malt, brewer’s yeast, herbs (sage, coriander, basil, lemongrass, rosemary, fennel seeds, peppermint)


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