St. Hippolyt Glyx-Wiese Wiesentaler 20kg

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St. Hippolyt Glyx-Wiese Wiesentaler 20kg

* Practical alternative to haycobs thanks to the shortened soaking time
* More structure and fewer fines for good digestion
* Particularly suitable for horses with poor feed and older horses with dental problems
* Freshly harvested, gently dried at a low temperature, rich in herbs
* Free of molasses, low in starch, sugar and fructan

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St. Hippolyt Glyx-Wiese Wiesentaler 20kg

Glyx-Wiese Wiesentaler consists of various grasses and meadow herbs that are of special quality due to the ideal climate of the Lake Constance region.
These grasses and herbs are dried at low temperatures immediately after harvesting so that all the valuable nutrients are retained.

  • Because of its structure it contributes to a good digestion.
  • Especially suitable for heavier horses or older horses with teeth problems
  • Fresh harvest, dried at low temperatures, rich in herbs
  • Molasses free, low in sugar, starch and phosphorus


Crude protein 11.3 %
Crude fat 2.30 %
Crude fibre 21.40 %
Crude ash 10.40 %
Digested crude protein 76.4 g
Digested energy 11.6 MJ
Convertible energy 10.3 MJ
Starch < 1,00 %
Sugar 7.10 %
fructan 5,40 %
Calcium 0.90 %
Phosphorus 0.30 %
Magnesium 0.28 %
Sodium 0.10 %


Large variety of grasses and herbs from regional meadows 


As an alternative to basic feed: approx. 1 kg per 100 kg body weight per day

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