St. Hippolyt Gold-Medal Muscelbooster 10kg

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St. Hippolyt Gold Medal 10kg Optimally defined musculature for high effeciency

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St. Hippolyt Gold Medal 10kg Optimally defined musculature for high effeciency

Well-developed muscles represent the power, speed and beauty of a horse.

In equestrian sports, they are a prerequisite for performance, and for leisure horses they provide a pleasant riding experience.
With a targeted supply of nutrients, the muscle function can be effectively supported and a well-developed and powerful musculature can be built up on the basis of the individual hereditary disposition.
Targeted, well-dosed training is effectively supported by the administration of special substance-forming and functional nutrients.

  • To support muscle development and promote muscle performance.
  • Tried and tested for sport and leisure horses
  • Can also be used during the show season (doping-free)

Feeding guideline

For muscle building:
Feed approx. 40 g per 100 kg body weight per day mixed with the feed.
Subsequently approx. 20 g per 100 kg body weight per day is sufficient.
1 measuring cup corresponds to approx. 115 g


Rice bran, beer yeast 6.5 %, spirulina algae 5 %, malt-yeast spices, herbs (milk thistle seed, fennel) 2.5 %, maize germs, soya flakes hydrothermally dehydrated*, oilseeds crushed and oil-cake mixture (linseed, sunflower seed), beetroot fibre, carrots, ginger, seaweed calcium, magnesium fumarate/acetate/lysine/oxide, cinnamon, isomaltulose, cold-pressed oil mixture (linseed, sunflower oil) 0.1%, salt, garlic, pea flake meal, fruit fibre (apple/grape), collagen hydrolysate (low molecular weight), turmeric.

*Soya from regional agriculture (GMO-free) exclusively for St Hippolyt



Crude protein 17.0%
Crude fat 15.0%
Crude fiber 20.0%
Crude ash 14.0%
crude protein 144.0 g/kg
energy 15.0 MJ/kg
implementable energy 13.2 MJ/kg
calcium 4.5%.
phosphorus 1.5%.
magnesium 0.1%
sodium 0.45 %
Lysine 1.3%
methionine 1.0%
Additives per kg:
Nutritional and physiological additives
Vitamin E 3a700 2000 mg
Vitamin B1 3a821 60 mg
Vitamin B2 3a825i 70 mg
Vitamin B6 3a831 40 mg
Vitamin B12 / Cyanocobalamin 160 mg
Biotin 3a880 1,200 mcg
Calcium D-pantothenate 3a841 100 mg
Choline chloride 3a890 500 mg
Niacin 3a314 240 mg
Folic acid 3a316 20 mg
Zinc as zinc sulphate, monohydrate 3b605 and
Glycine Zinc chelate hydrate (solid) 3b607 270 mg
Manganese as manganese (II) sulphate, monohydrate 3b503 and
glycine manganese chelate hydrate 3b506 275 mg
Copper as copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate 3b405 and
Copper (II) glycine chelate hydrate (solid) 3b413 45 mg
Selenium as sodium selenite 3b801 0.7 mg
Technological additives
Kieselgur (diatomaceous earth, purified) E551c 10 mg



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