St. Hippolyt Hefekultur 1kg

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St. Hippolyt Hefekultur 1kg for a healthy intesinal flora

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St. Hippolyt Hefekultur 1kg for a healthy intesinal flora

Live yeast cultures combined with highly bioavailable trace elements provide natural B vitamins and nutrients to support intestinal flora and build up a healthy intestinal environment.

  • Live yeast cultures to improve fermentative digestion
  • Specifically supports and promotes the intestinal microbiome
  • for a better digestion of crude fibres and healthy digestion

HEALTH is in the BODY
The microbiome is the entirety of all micro-organisms that are on and in the body.
The sensitive intestinal flora can be disturbed by a one-sided ration or poor roughage.
In this case, in order to promote the growth and quality of a healthy intestinal flora, the administration of trace elements and live yeast cultures is recommended.
They enter into an active symbiosis with the natural intestinal flora, which suppresses undesired micro-organisms.

In St Hippolyt Hefe Kultur highly bioavailable micronutrients for enzymatic digestion are combined with live yeast cultures for building up the intestinal flora. Nutritional effects are quickly apparent in the growth and higher quality of the “good” intestinal bacteria present. A stable digestive tract improves the immune system in the long term, the self-production of the vitamins of the B-complex and thus contributes significantly to the well-being, joy and performance of the horse.

The harmonious intestinal flora ensures better digestion of roughage and grass and promotes the absorption of nutrients and active substances into the blood. The permanent feeding of live yeast cultures and micronutrients significantly increases the nutritional level.

Hefekultur is especially recommended for:

  • horses that have difficulty maintaining their weight, horses that are difficult to feed,
  • older horses,
  • during the moulting season
  • To stimulate hoof growth,
  • (over)stressed sports horses, broodmares and foals


Feeding guidelines

Approx. Offer 5 g per 100 kg body weight and day mixed with the crib feed.
Note: If necessary, double the amount can be given temporarily.

1 measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 15 g


Brewer’s yeast 55% (of which 1% yeast cell wall extract), finely cracked oil seed mixture (linseed, sunflower seeds) 10%, cold-pressed oil mixture (linseed, sunflower oil) 7%, fruit fibers (apple, grape), Jerusalem artichoke, barley germs, malt-yeast-wort, herbs (Ginger, turmeric, fennel) 1.2%, magnesium fumarate / acetate, vegetable charcoal, vinegar


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