St. Hippolyt Hesta Mix Muesli 20kg

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St. Hippolyt Hesta Mix Muesli

* Highly bioavailable trace elements
* For easy-to-feed horse breeds, can also be combined with other concentrates
* With herbs, sea algae and oils
* Oats free

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St Hippolyt Hesta Mix Muesli

The tasty Hesta Mix Muesli is mainly fed to sober horses that are regularly worked with and have a need for concentrates.
It is ideally suited for sober breeds that simply maintain their weight such as Andalusians, Lusitanos, Tinkers, Frisians, cold blood horses and Arabians.

This Hesta Mix Müsli contains the highest energy content of the feeds from the Hesta Mix series and also contains many highly bioavailable trace elements.

The full needs of the horse are also supported by feeding small amounts. Any deficiencies present are visibly quickly and relaibly compensated or immediately prevented by the reliable absorption due the intestine and the rapid reaching of the target organ.

The Hesta Mix series contains herbs, sea-algae, oil and is oat free


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