St. Hippolyt Hippolinol

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St Hippolyt Hippolinol
Cold-pressed vegetable oil with herbal oil covers the entire fatty acid requirement

* excellent fatty acid spectrum
* rich in secondary plant substances
* rich in sediments

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St Hippolyt HippoLinol Versatile, cold-pressed oil blend

HippoLinol combines linseed, sunflower, maize germ and wheat germ oils into an oil composition with a diverse fatty acid pattern.
Native herb oils complete the recipe and give it an incomparable taste.
With HippoLinol you can offer your horse not only starch-free energy but also a maximum of polyunsaturated fatty acids with a diverse fatty acid pattern and thus make a contribution to maintaining health, not only during the coat change.

  • Large spectrum of fatty acids
  • Rich in phytochemicals
  • Gentle cold pressing

Feeding guideline

Mix approx. 5-50 ml per 100 kg body weight into the daily amount of concentrates.


Cold-pressed oil blend (linseed, wheat germ, sunflower seed, maize germ and herb oils)


Crude protein < 1.0 %
Crude fat 99.0 %
Crude fibre 1.0 %
crude ash 1.5 %
Digested crude protein < 10.0 g/kg
Digested energy 35.8 MJ/kg
Convertible energy 35.7 MJ/kg


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