St. Hippolyt Irish Mash 15 kg

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St. Hippolyt Irish Mash

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St. Hippolyt Irish Mash 15kg

Irish Mash is a very tasty mash that can be prepared quickly with hot and cold water.
This mash is very easy to digest due to the low starch content and the dietectic recipe.
This is why the Irish Mash is suitable for recovering horses. In addition, it promotes chewing (and saliva action), it is ideal for horses or ponies with little appetite.

Also for horses in training this is a good addition to the ration because it removes bulking from the digestive system and improves the metabolism.

Irish Mash can be given 1-3 times a week as replacement for the regular concentrate or in exceptional cases as a complete replacement for the concentrate.


wheat bran, barley flakes, oilseed mix (linseed, sunflowers) 9.2%, wholemeal oat flakes 9%, maize flakes, sugar beet molasses, apple dregs, warm air dried grass chop, grape peel, apple syrup, brewer’s yeast 1.4%, salt, wheat germ, malt yeast spices 1%, oil mix (linseed, sunflower, maize germ oil) cold pressed 1%, extract of grape seeds, maize germ, coriander 0.5%, sea algae lime





 Vert. Energie DE  Estimated Energy DE   Verd. Energie  10,5 MJ
 Ruw Eiwit  Crude Protein   Rohprotein  11.5  %
 Ruwe Olie & Vetten  Crude Oils & Fats   Rohöle und -fette  5.0  %
 Ruwe Vezels  Crude Fibre   Rohfaser  8.5  %
 Ruwe As  Crude Ash   Rohasche  7.2  %
 Zetmeel   Starch   Stärke  23.3  %
 Suiker  Sugar   Zucker  9.0  %

Minerale waarden zijn totale waarden van het product, inclusief toegevoegde en van nature voorkomende mineralen uit granen, vezels en andere grondstoffen. 

Dergelijke materialen zijn van nature variabel en als zodanig kunnen de totale waarden enigszins variëren /

Mineral values are total values within the product including added and naturally occurring minerals from grains, fibres and other raw materials.
Such materials are naturally variable and as such total values may vary slightly /

Mineralwerte sind Gesamtwerte innerhalb des Produkts, einschließlich zugesetzter und natürlich vorkommender Mineralien aus Getreide, Fasern und anderen Rohstoffen.
Solche Materialien sind natürlich variabel und als solche können die Gesamtwerte geringfügig variieren


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