St. Hippolyt MikroVital Dog 500gr

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St. Hippolyt MikroVital Hond 0,5kg

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St. Hippolyt MicroVital Dog 

Supporting the Metabolism
Regulatory protein building blocks of plant origin are an important discovery of recent nutritional research.
In the organism, they support the function of trace elements and vitamins within the body’s own metabolic processes.

In order to achieve the best possible effect in terms of revitalising, stabilising the dog’s health and developing its full potential, attention was paid to the correct selection and highest quality of these natural nutritional components.
The immune system, coat and skin, in particular, benefit from supplementary feeding with MicroVital DOG.

  • High content of zinc, copper, manganese and selenium
  • Regulatory protein building blocks for more vitality
  • With algae, brewer’s yeast and oilseeds the coat improves
  • Even small amounts of feed are sufficient

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