St. Hippolyt Movilan Dog 1kg

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St. Hippolyt Movilan Dog

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St. Hippolyt Movilan Dog: Vital tendons, ligaments and joints

Intelligent nutrient combinations with New Zealand Green L ipped Mussel extract, chlorella algae, sprouted wheat and many other components that are natu rally rich in vital nutrients.

  • quality-certified New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel extract
  • natural nutrient-rich ingredients
  • reliable source of trace elements

Deficiencies in the supply of the connective tissue can result in mobilit y problems, such as stiffness or disturbed rhythm, lack of motivation to exercise, problems when getting up or after longer walks.
Inappropriate biomechanical stress in conjunction with dietary deficiencies may lead to arthritis.
Large dogs in particular are known to frequently suffer from serious mobility problems in later li fe if fed inadequate diets while growing up.

Movilan Dog is full of high-quality nutrients that are vital for the development of healthy and strong connective tissue, as well as for the stability and proper functioning of tend ons, ligaments, joint capsule and cartilage.



Feeding guidelines

Daily approx. 0.5 to 1gr per 1kg body weight
The supplement should be mixed with the daily dog food

1 measuring scoop l = ca. 15 g

This supplement should be mixed daily with the dog food and contains more vitamins and trace elements than conventional dog food.

Please adhere to nutritional guidelines


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