St. Hippolyt Reform Muesli G 20kg

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St. Hippolyt Reform Muesli G

* Very tasty and nourishing
* On basis of highly digestible cereal flakes
* Oat free and low in protein
* With herbs, sea algae and oils

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St. Hippolyt ReformMuesli G 

St. Hippolyt’s Reformmusli G is a feed that is suitalble for high-spirited and difficult to feed riding horses. In addition to being very tasty and nutritious, this muesli is oat-free and low in protein, but the protein present is of high quality.

The high-quality ingredients aslo contain a whole range of natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements.The ingredients provide carbohydrates which stimulate the intestinal flora and also support the bacterial production of energy-rich fatty acids and essential vitamins in the colon. Linseed and brewer’s yeast stimulate intestinal activity and a protective mucus layer in the intestine.

Reformmusli G is a very complete horse feed and suitable for keeping horses at a good energy level.

Feeding guidelines

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barley flakes, maize flakes, apple dregs, sugar beet molasses, alfalfa chop, wheat bran, apple syrup, oat bran, oil mix (linseed, sunflower, maize germ oil) cold pressed 2.5%, oilseed mix (linseed, sunflower, nigella seed) 2.5%, sugar beet slices, herbs (coriander, peppermint, fennel, marjoram) 1.3%, sea algae lime, maize germ, barley germ, grape seed extract, salt, garlic, sea algae flour, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, malt yeast herbs


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