St Hippolyt SemperMin Classic

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St Hippolyt SemperMin Classic

* Good bioavailability of the organically bound trace elements
* Suitable for horses that are easy to feed and for those with grain intolerance
* Moderate calcium content for a balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio
* Good taste with low starch and sugar content (grain-free)
* Available as Muesli or cold-pressed pellet

19.45 incl. VAT

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St Hippolyt SemperMin Classic tasty, grain and gluten-free mineralpellet

Organic vital substances from sea minerals, vitamins, herbs and trace elements to provide for daily needs

SemperMin provides all the necessary minerals, trace elements and vitamins for a vital metabolism.
The moderate calcium content is adapted to the low native phosphorus content.
Organically bonded magnesium ensures loose muscles and relaxed nerves.
Zinc, copper and manganese contains essential trace elements for healthy skin, a shinny coat and stable hooves.
Cobalt exists in a special form of binding, which offers an optimal utilization of the absorbed nutrients.
This stabilizes the intestinal environment and promotes cellolytic microorganisms, which also improves the cobalt-dependent synthesis of vitamin B12.
As antioxidants, vitamin E and selenium counteract acidification and free radicals caused by oxidative stress, valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids also supports the horse’s wellbeing.
In combination with hay, grain or basic feed for feeding troughs, SemperMin covers the shortages in the supply as a result of feeding.
The flexible dosing of feeding allows the balanced supply of all horse breeds

Feeding guidelines

In addition of the usual basic feed or roughage and / or meadow grass, we recommend approx. 25-40g per 100kg bodyweight per day.

1 measuring cup SemperMin classic corresponds to approx. 130g


fruit fibers (apple, grape), calcium carbonate, pea flakes, soy flakes hydrothermally digested, turnip greens, dicalcium phosphate, seaweed flour, apple syrup, hot air dried grass chaff, cold pressed oil mixture (linseed, sunflower oil) 4.5%, salt, spices (parsley, peppermint, coriander, fennel, milk thisle seed, marjoram ) 3.5%, beet fiber, oilseed mixture finely cracked (linseed, sunflowerseeds) 2.2%. magnesium acetate, brewer’s yeast, carrots, garlic



 Crude protein  15.0  %
 Crude oil and fat  8.4  %
 Crude fibre  8.0  %
 Crude ash  30.0  %
 Starch  1.3  %
 Sugar  10.1  %



 Vitamin A  90.000  IE 
 Vitamin D3  10.000  IE
 Vitamin E  2.000  mg
 Vitamin B1  90  mg
 Vitamin B2  130  mg
 Vitamin B6  70  mg
 Vitamin B12  200  mcg
 Biotine  2.000   mcg
 Nicotinic acid  210  mg
 Folic acid  25  mg




 Calcium   6.6  %
 phosphorus  2.5  %
 Magnesium  1.2 
 Sodium  2.0 
 Potassium  0.5   %
 Chloride  1.700  mg
 Calcium-D-pantothenate  100   mg
 Copper   380  mg
 Cobalt   2  mg
 Zinc  2.000  mg
 Iron  800  mg
 Manganese   2.000  mg
 Iodine  10  mg
 Selenium  5  mg




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