St. Hippolyt VitaComplex Sensitiv 3kg

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St. Hippolyt VitaComplex Sensitiv

* High dose of antioxidants, vitamin B complex, vitamin D3 and zinc
* For skin and coat problems
* listlessness, poor performance and susceptibility to infections
* Grain, gluten and molasses free

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St. Hippolyt VitaComplex Sensitiv

The mineral component with high doses of zinc, vitamin B complex and vitamin D3 prevents nutritional deficiencies.
The use of zinc in a chelated form ensures the highest absorption rate of the trace element.
Zinc plays a key role in many metabolic processes and the formation of vital enzymes.

Enrichment with PSB complexes (nucleotides) provides phosphorus groups to activate the B vitamins.

When unbalanced nutrition or the disturbed intake of vital substances leads to skin problems, poor performance, muscle weakness, digestive problems and fatigue in the horse, a special ration upgrade is needed – only then can the metabolism and the immune system work optimally again!

  • For horses with an increased need for antioxidants, vitamin B, vitamin D3, biotin and zinc
  • For skin and respiratory problems, lethargy, poor performance and susceptibility to infections
  • Supports the intestinal flora (microbiome) and mucous membranes
  • In addition to lecithin and B vitamins, PSB (nucleotide) complexes also provide specific phosphorus groups that activate
      that activate the B vitamins and improve the absorption of vital and micronutrients.
  • Glyconutrients from brown seaweed and omega-3 fatty acids have a positive effect on irritated tissue

Feeding guidelines

Feed about 15-20kg body weight daily mixed with the feed.

Note: In combination with VitaMineral sensitive from this amount, no additional mineralization is required.

1 measuring cup corresponds to approx. 100g


Brewer’s yeast, corn germs, finely cracked oil seeds mixture (linseed, sunflowerseed), malt yeast wort, magnesium fumarate, isomaltulose, ginger, cold-pressed linseed oil, black cumin, garlic, cinnamon, fennel


Analytical components

 Crude protein  18,00  %
 Crude fat  12,5  %
 Crude fibre  3,6  %
 Crude ash  13,00  %
 Lysine  0.80  %
 Methionine  1.30   %



 Vitamin D3  50.000  iu
 Vitamin E  2.000  mg
 Vitamin B1  3.000  mg
 Vitamin B2  5.000  mg
 Vitamin B6  4.500  mg
 Vitamin B12  31.000   mcg
 Biotin  4.000  mcg
 Nicotinic acid  5.500  mg
 Folic acid  350  mg




 Calcium   3.5  %
 Phosphorus  0.60  %
 Magnesium  1.20 
 Sodium  0.08 
 Calcium D-pantothenaat  3.600   mg
 Chloride  3.800  mg
 Zinc   6.900  mg
 Lecithine  15.000  mg


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