Stance Equitec PowerStance

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Stance Equitec PowerStance unique Powdered Coconut Oil Supplement

* ready-made “cole” fast-release energy that is available for a long time
* no mess with oil, easy to feed
* very high in energy
* contains 70% natural coconut oil
* source of MCTs for optimal gut health
* shiny coat
* weight gain
* promotes stamina

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Stance Equitec PowerStance 

Coconut oil is a rich source of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are easy to digest, absorb and convert into muscle.
And because it is a saturated oil, it has a long shelf life and is not prone to rancidity.
Coconut oil can solidify below 24-25°C.
Therefore, PowerStance was developed to provide the essential benefits of coconut oil in convenient powder form.
This formula can be used to support intestinal health, weight gain and healthy, shiny coats. 



Feeding Guidelines


 Feeding Guidelines:
Based on a 500kg Horse 

 Coat conditioner  50 grams/day
 Gut health and stimulating appetite 50 grams/day
 “Cool” energy source: in addition to high grain hard feeds  100 grams/day
 “Cool” energy source: in addition to low grain hard feeds 200 grams/day
 Weight gain  200-300 grams/day

PowerStance should be introduced gradually; start with 50 gram per day and build it up to the the desired amount in 2 weeks.

Do not feed more than 400gr per day.
The daily amount of PowerStance should be divided over 2 meals.
PowerStance should be fed as part of a balanced diet.


Coconut oil
Purified GM free corn starch
Hydrated Silica




 Digestible Energy 29.4   MJ/kg 
  Oil (as coconut oil) 70   %
  Max. crude fibre <0.5   %
  Medium Chain Triglycerides  50   %
  Fatty acids % of oil
  Lauric acid 44.5   %
  Myristine 17.5  %
  Palmititic acid 8  %
  Oleic acid 6  %


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