Stance Equitec UlcaBuf

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Stance Equitec UlcaBuf
All-natural acid balance supplement to support stomach and intestines

* Supports correct pH levels in occasional gastric distress
* Recommended for horses prone to gastric ulcers and colic
* Helps support protective layer in the intestines
* Contains prebiotics and live probiotics for intestinal health

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Stance Equitec UlcaBuf all-natural acid balance supplement to support the stomach and intestines

What is UlcaBuf?

UlcaBuf is an all-natural, non-medicated supplement with special ingredients.
It is specially formulated to support the stomach and digestion and it also supports  the maintenance of normal acidity in the stomach.
To support the stomach and digestive system, you can use UlcaBuf long-term as a supplement, but also as a short course of 21 days in times of stress.

About UlcaBuf’s ingredients:

Curcuma xanthorhizza is a unique form of turmeric because research has shown that when fed to horses, it can suppress the formation of stomach ulcers.

PowerStance (powdered coconut oil) can help in the absorption of Curcuma xanthorhizza, while lauric acid can provide antibacterial properties.

Calcium from seaweed 
Harvested from red algae from the ocean off the coast of Iceland.
Lithothamnion has a honeycomb structure with a large surface area of (> 10m2) per gram and also a slow release of bioavailable minerals, calcium, magnesium and silicon.
It also has a longer buffering effect than limestone or sodium bicarbonate.
Studies show that it had a significant buffering effect for 4-6 hours.

Actigen is a yeast strain that contains Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS).
MOS are considered a prebiotic and are believed to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria.
Therefore, they are thought to reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria in the gut.
They can also boost resistance in the digestive tract

Yea-Sacc TS
Yea-sacc is a probiotic that works symbiotically with Actigen and helps promote beneficial bacteria and fibre digestion in the intestines and also helps stabilise the pH level of the intestines.

Sodium alginate can help maintain the integrity of the mucosa in the digestive tract.

Ulcabuf is available in 1kg and 2kg packs.


Feeding guidelines

Maintenance g per feed
Morning Feed 20
Evening Feed 20
Stress:21days g per feed
Morning Feed 40
Evening Feed 40



Turmeric (curcuma xanthorrhiza), PowerStance (powdered coconut oil), Seaweed Derived Calcium, Actigen, Yea-Sacc, Sodium Alginate












 Calcium   Calcium   Calcium   93  g/kg
 Fosfor  Phosphorus   Phosphor  1.4  g/kg
 Magnesium  Magnesium   Magnesium  19  g/kg 
 Natrium  Sodium   Natrium  7.8  g/kg 
 Kalium  Potassium   Kalium  7.7    g/kg

Minerale waarden zijn totale waarden van het product, inclusief toegevoegde en van nature voorkomende mineralen uit granen, vezels en andere grondstoffen.

Dergelijke materialen zijn van nature variabel en als zodanig kunnen de totale waarden enigszins variëren /

Mineral values are total values within the product including added and naturally occurring minerals from grains, fibres and other raw materials.
Such materials are naturally variable and as such total values may vary slightly /

Mineralwerte sind Gesamtwerte innerhalb des Produkts, einschließlich zugesetzter und natürlich vorkommender Mineralien aus Getreide, Fasern und anderen Rohstoffen.
Solche Materialien sind natürlich variabel und als solche können die Gesamtwerte geringfügig variieren


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