Tierwohl Chipsi Super ca 24kg

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TierWohl Super Het super – effectieve, universele hygiënische stal strooisel voor vele diersoorten

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TierWohl Chipsi Super the dust-free bedding, recommended by veterinary clinics

Does your pet have an allergic reaction, or is it particularly sensitive?

In that case TierWohl Super is just the right litter for you, as it is practically free from bacteria and dust.

And what is more, TierWohl Super keeps the cage nice and dry.
How does this work? By contrast with standard litters, its softwood granules have a more extensive surface and so have what are known as capillaries.

These capillaries function as a sponge, and absorb moisture and odour just as effectively as a sponge does.
Consequently the cage stays clean for longer, and you don’t need to use so much litter.
And your pet feels really good with TierWohl Super

* Super hygienic
* Super absorbent
* Odour-free
* Dust and germ-free


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