Virkon S Disinfectant

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Virkon S Disinfectant

The best formulation – Leading the way in Biosecurity

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Virkon S disinfectant

The best formulation – Leading the way in Biosecurity
Virkon®S has the best possible formulation and is a breackthrough in Biosecurity. This powerfull formulation has proven to be effective against more than 500 pathogenic organisms including; FMD, avain flu, Salmonella and Campylobacter. Virkon®S is selected by governments around the world for the control of contagious animal diseases.

Virkon®S is at the forefront of biosecurity programs across a wide range of applications across all indrustries.
The formulation provides a flexible, fast-acting disinfectant that is convenient to use for application in all industies on:

  • surfaces
  • materials
  • vehicles
  • water systems

Proven effective
Proven effectiveness in field conditions reassures farmers. Where other disinfectants encounter problems at low temperatures and in the presence of organic contamination,Virkon®S remains efictive.

Feeding guidelines

Solution 1: 100 = 1% solution

 1 l /    10 g
 5 l /    50 g
10 l / 100 g

Surface to be disinfected

50m2 / 15 l = 150gr. 
100m2 / 30 l = 300gr. 
500m2 / 150 l= 1,5kg. 
1000m2 / 300 l = 3,0kg. 
2500m2 / 750 l = 7,5kg.


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