Agrobs Maiscobs 20kg

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Agrobs Maiscobs

* especially rich in crude fibre through use of the complete plant
* high energy density with low protein content and high fibre content

* for nervous and very temperamental horses

* for build-up of underweight horses and hard keepers

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Agrobs Maiscobs

When the ability to absorb feed is reduced, it becomes more difficult to ensure a proper supply of energy while maintaining an adequate crude fibre level.
Sport horses with high performance or difficult to feed horses present a particular challenge.
Therefore, the use of energy-rich basic feed is important for a healthy diet.

The whole maize plant is used for Agrobs Maiscobs.
This provides the horse with energy, as well as sufficient crude fibre without having to process too much starch.

The plants are harvested at the optimum time, chopped and dried in a hot air dryer.
This preservation process ensures that no nutrient-degrading fermentation occurs and creates a product with a high energy density.
The advantage of maize cobs lies in the high crude fibre content in combination with the high energy density and the low protein content.

When horses have to perform in endurance, this is a clear advantage.
Nervous and temperamental horses also benefit from the high content of slowly digestible carbohydrates.


Areas of Use:

  • as build-up feed in times of increased need
  • in underweight and/or old horses for build-up
  • for a low-protein diet
  • for endurance

Feeding guideline

  • dependent on type of horse and performance: 100 to 300 g per 100 kg ideal body weight

Wielens Animal Feeds recommends softening the cobs through soaking.



complete maize plant from Bavarian cultivation


Analytic components:

Crude protein 6.70 % Zinc 20.00 mg/kg
Crude oils and fats  2.70 % Manganese 76.00 mg/kg
Crude fibre 16.00 % Copper 3.80 mg/kg
Cude ash 3.20 % Selenium  0.01 mg/kg
Calcium 0.20 %
Phosphorus 0.18 %
Magnesium 0.13 % Lysine 0.15 %
Chloride 0.15 % Methionine 0.10 %
Sodium 0.001 % Cystine 0.09 %
Potassium 0.81 % Threonine 0.21 %
Sulphur 0.08 % Digestible energy 11.00 DE MJ / kg
Starch 32.30 % Metabolisable energy 10.30 ME MJ/kg
Sugar 6.70 % Precaec. dig. crude protein  4.90 %
Fructan 1.00 %

The analysed values are of native origin.
Status 01/2023



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